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Billabong 4.2m Slimline $27,940.00 Special Price….. $26,440
Billabong 4.2m $28,990.00 Special Price….. $26,990
Billabong 6.2m $29,990.00 Special Price….. $28,990
Billabong 7.2m $30,990.00 Special Price….. $29,440
Billabong 7.5m $31,990.00 Special Price….. $30,990
Billabong 8.5m $33,990.00 Special Price….. $32,990
Billabong 9.5m $34,990.00 Special Price….. $33,990
Billabong 10.5m $36,990.00 Special Price….. $34,990

Factory Direct Pools have the widest range available in fibreglass swimming pools we will have a pool to suit your lifestyle. We also suit all budgets.

Factory Direct Pools are located in Brisbane and have been manufacturing swimming pools here for over 20 years. When you invest in a Factory Direct Pool, you’re getting years of extensive research, design, skill and experience.

The Billabong Fibreglass Pool is perfect as moderate size pool to take the edge off the stifling summer heat. Smaller pools are a great choice for smaller gardens, so make sure you invest in a stylish fiberglass pool for your family and make the most of the fabulous hot weather.

Although you might be forgiven for thinking a sparkling swimming pool is the height of hedonistic luxury that is impossible to justify in times of economic recession, a fiberglass swimming pool is actually a sensible investment that will add value to your property and increase your comfort during hot weather.

Unlike concrete swimming pools, the Billabong range of fibreglass swimming pool construction is a relatively quick and easy process and from start to finish, your pool can be installed and ready to use within a few short days.

As well as the quick installation time, Billabong fibreglass pools can offer a number of significant advantages over concrete rendered or pebbled pools. Not only does fiberglass look great with its super smooth gel-coat surface, it is also extremely hard wearing and resistant to chemicals and stains. Due to the lack of texture, fiberglass pools do not attract unsightly green algae—which allows you to spend more time swimming and relaxing instead of scrubbing your pool.

If you are looking for a fibreglass pool, there are lots of fantastic swimming pool designs available. You can choose from a variety of different sizes and colours. The shimmering colour options of a fiberglass pool can really bring the water colour alive, especially at night when combined with ambient pool lighting.

Once your new fibreglass pool is installed, the sunlight, shade, water movement and lighting will create a stunning water feature your friends and neighbours will be deeply envious of. Not only does a fiberglass swimming pool look great, it is also extremely durable and strong.

Concrete pools are rigid, but fibreglass pools can flex to cope with most earth movement. Concrete pools often crack as they age, which can cause water leaks and other irritating problems.

Fiberglass rarely cracks and generally withstands the passage of time far better than concrete. Billabong fiberglass pools can provide many years of family fun.

There are non skid steps at one end of the pool and a small ledge molded around the inside walls for children to perch on in between swims. With smooth edges and curved corners, the Billabong fiberglass pool is always an extremely popular option.

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